Thank you for your interest in Colombian adoptions and adopting a child from FANA.

Families of FANA, WNY is located in the United States and more specifically in Western New York and is authorized to provide adoption support services for families in the Western New York region. Lutheran Service Society (LSS) handles all home studies and Evolve Adoption & Family Services serves as our agency working in conjunction with FANA.

  • Interested families must have a completed agency home study and training prior to the adoption of the children. LSS is the agency that helps our families walk through the process.
  • Families need to complete a pre-application for FANA Bogota that is obtained through Families of FANA, WNY.
  • Families have the option of requesting sibling groups through this program.  Evolve staff and our partners at FANA in Colombia make every effort to match families and children based on the home study and profiles of the children.

If you are interested in adopting from FANA of Bogota in Colombia and want to know more, please contact a representative from Families of FANA, WNY at

Ages of Children Availible: Available children range in age from 3 months to 16 years. This range includes Infants, toddlers, sibling groups and children with diverse and/or specialized needs.

Colombian children are most often of Spanish, Native, and African decent.

Parent’s Age/Married: Couples married for more than one year. Same sex married couples are accepted.
Children from 0-59 months Families from 25 to 45 years of age
Children from 5-9 years  Families from 46 to 50 years of age
Singles: Older Children and Sibling groups of 3 or more.

Please email for more information

Divorce: No restriction
Children in One Family: No restriction
Travel Requirements: Adoptive parents are required to stay in Colombia for a minimum of one week to begin the process.
Post-Placement Visits: Required visits are determined through LSS
Waiting Time: Varies depending upon the age of child requested. A child 0-59 months: approx. 36-48 months from beginning of the process to the end, but may vary depending on the specific case. Individual cases will vary depending on the age of the child.
Please Note: The age difference between the adult and the child cannot exceed 45 years.