• needs 300 pairs of SOCKS annually?
  • uses 77,000 DIAPERS per year at the cost of $360 per child?
  • provides THERAPY and EDUCATIONAL SUPPORT to disabled children at a cost of $9,200 per child annually?
  • provides GENERAL CARE, handicraft, and entrepreneurial direction to approx 150 families in crises each year?
  • needs 50 pairs of PJs annually?
  • uses 320 BABY TOWELS per year?
  • needs 190 pairs of SHOES annually?
  • spends $115 per month to FEED one child?

DID YOU KNOW that Families of FANA:

…has donated over $200,000 to the neediest childrens’ charities in the Western New York area?

Just as so many wonderful area organizations give generously to FANA in Bogota, Families of FANA knows there is a need to return the favor where our families live and where we can do the most good to protect children right in our own backyard.  We take great pride in being an all-volunteer, 5 01(c)(3) organization. Without expensive salaries or overhead, we can ensure that every dollar raised by donations goes entirely towards our mission.


Let go of your ambitions. Come, let’s change the world.

–St. Francis Xavier