What is FANA?

Over 40 years ago, Mercedes de Martinez, the Founder of FANA (the Spanish acronym for the Foundation for the Assistance of Abandoned Children) opened her heart and home to give abandoned children a chance at having a fulfilling and healthy life. After decades of work, dedication and love, FANA today has a modern facility with caring staff and equipment capable of caring for 150 children.

Thanks to FANA, over 12,000 children have found nurturing homes all over the world through adoption. In Western New York and Pennsylvania, over 400 families have had their lives enriched by the adoption of these beautiful children.

Many children are left behind at FANA in Bogotá. They miss loving parents, homes and opportunities. As Colombian adoption laws have changed, the uncertainty many children are faced with heightens. Children who are unable to be adopted rely on FANA to serve as their home until they can be reintegrated into their biological families. Currently, it is these children who are primarily blessed by the continuing care of FANA in Bogotá.